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About Us

Beaver Village Management was founded in 1992 to deliver a higher quality management experience to HOAs and homeowners in Winter Park and the Fraser Valley. Since opening for business, we have come to manage 25 HOAs throughout the area, allowing owners and investors to realize the full potential of their investments – with minimal stress.

There are plenty of management options out there, but few of them have the level of expertise or experience that we do. We are a local company staffed by a team with a diverse skillset. We know how to manage properties here, in these unique conditions, and we know how to do it well. From record snowfalls to dry summers, we do what is necessary to keep properties in good working condition and keep renters happy.

Whether you have just purchased your first rental property in Winter Park, or you are a serious investor with a large portfolio, we invite you to contact us and discuss your management needs. We believe you will be happy with what you find.